03 Aug

Vacancies at Fiber Optical Solution

Fiber Optical Solution has published new website’s page Jobs where everybody can monitor any kind of new vacant position in our dynamically growing company. We will be updating it gradually. So stay tuned and don’t hesitate to send your CV any time because we are always searching for new talents and experienced managers and engineers that could help us to push our technologies even further into brighter tomorrow.

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Armands Zvirbulis
January 26, 2016 Reply

Labdien. Ir B. kat. tiesibas +stazs. Ir remontatsledznieks 6. kat. Ir autoiekraveja tiesibas +stazs.Ir gazes katlu apkal;posana+liftu apkalposana.Dzivoju Bolderaja. Varu sakt stradat jau rit. Liniju operators +regulesana.

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