Fiber Optical Solution PRODUCT Catalogue

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  • Fiber Optic Gyroscopes
  • Inertial Measurement Units
  • Strapdown Inertial Navigation Systems (SINS)

Fiber Optic Gyroscopes

SFOS-200 SFOS-501 SFOS-1000 SFOS-1001 SFOS-2000 SFOS-5000 TFOS-500 SpaceFOS-1
SFOS-200 SFOS-501 SFOS-1000 SFOS-1001 SFOS-2000 SFOS-5000 TFOS-500 SpaceFOS

Fiber Optical Solution’s single- and three-axis FOGs consist of the one light source at 1550 nm wavelengths (superluminescent diode – SLD), depolarizer, one or three photodetectors, fiber splitters to divide the light into two or three parts, one or three sets of ring interferometers to sense one or three orthogonal angular rate, and signal processing circuits. In this design a multifunction integrated optical chip (MIOC) is used for splitting the light into clockwise and counterclockwise waves, light polarization and for electro-optic imparting a phase modulation to the lightwaves in the loop. The signal processing design is based on conversion of the photodetector signal to a digital demodulation and integration. The loop is closed by driving the integrated optical phase modulator with a voltage ramp whose slope is proportional to rotation rate.

Our FOG’s Specifications

Inertial Measurement Units

 IFOS-500 IFOS-500T IFOS-400  IFOS-400C IFOS-501 IFOS-501D IFOS-1000
IFOS-500 IFOS-500T IFOS-400 IFOS-400C IFOS-501 IFOS-501D IFOS-1000

All Fiber Optical Solution’s IMUs are based on Fiber Optical Solution’s three axis closed loop fiber optic gyroscopes and three pendulum accelerometers. Latest model – IFOS-400 is the state-of-art miniature FOG IMU with low-noise MEMS accelerometers (3 triads of MEMS utilized and combined)

Our IMU’s specifications

Strapdown Inertial Navigation Systems (SINS)

NavFOS-500K NavFOS-500M NavFOS-501 NavFOS-1000
NavFOS-500K NavFOS-500M NavFOS-501 NavFOS-1000

Fiber Optical Solution’s fiber-optic strapdown inertial navigation systems (SINS) have complete solid-state design with no rotating or other moving parts. Because it has no moving parts, there is nothing to go out of alignment and therefore it never requires re-calibrating and is totally maintenance free. They have very high reliability (MTBF) and no maintenance requirements during its service life.

Our SINS’s specifications

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