10 May

Establishment of experimental integrated optical modulator production plant with European Regional Development Fund co-financing

The project “Establishment of experimental integrated optical modulator production plant”

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Project goal: To increase Ltd. ‘’Fiber Optical Solution ‘’ productivity and competitiveness in world market by developing and implementing new technology in the production, which is required  to manufacture a new product line. To create new plant in Riga to manufacture optical modulators as full-scale experimental technology / the opening of the new experimental modulator plant will enable the company to implement a complete production cycle.


Project main activities:

  1. Manufacture experimental equipment to implement an experimental technology;
  2. Testing of experimental technology in real production environment while performing the economic activity;
  3. Preparation of experimental technology equipment and components, instructions and training manuals;
  4. Testing the new manufactured production with the experimental technology, to check all technical parameters and quality according to defined requirements of the new product line.

Planned results of the project:

The new experimental technology with all experimental equipment and components will be implemented in real production environment.  After successful testing of the new technology, the company plans to launch a multi-function integrated optical module production in Riga, using a new reverse proton exchange technology in order to improve company’s final products – optical fiber gyro – its operational accuracy and durability.


The planned project budget is 4’641’802.35 EUR incl European Regional Development Fund co-financing (35%) – 1’624’630.82 euro.



The project is planned to be finished until 11 June 2018.


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