29 Oct

FOS attended 2019 DGON Inertial Sensors and Systems (ISS) Symposium Gyro Technology


At this symposium the latest state of inertial sensors and navigation systems as well as gyro technology will be presented. This includes applications of this technology, the development of new systems, components and test procedures as well as investigations on cost and marketing aspects.

As modern systems for navigation, localization and guidance are increasingly making use of aiding data provided by additional non-inertial sensors, these topics will be focused on by the conference with growing interest. Therefore, also papers covering hybrid systems will be highly appreciated, which fuse data from inertial sensors with that from GNSS, visual, infrared, radar or other sensors.


Fiber Optical Solution latest state-of-art miniature FOG IMU with low-noise MEMS accelerometers (3 triads of MEMS utilized and combined)  was displayed, as well as IFOS-500, IFOS-501, SFOS-200, NavFOS-501, NavFOS-500S)

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