• Equipment for fiber coil winding.
  • Automatic milling and lathe machines.
  • Machineries for gyroscopes packaging.
  • Fiber splicers.
  • Electrical assembling facilities.
  • Optical components assembling facilities.


Single- and three-axis FOG developed by “Fiber Optical Solutionconsist of a light source (super luminescent diode (SLD) with a wavelength of 1550 nm), depolarizer (DP), photoreception devices(PRD), fiber splitters (FS), separating radiation into two or three channels respectively, of one or three fiber interferometers to determine one or three orthogonal projections of the angular velocity, and printed circuit boards with signal processing.

Multifunctional integrated optical element (MIOE) made by high-temperature proton exchange is used for the separation of optical radiation into two waves propagating in a fiber circuit clockwise and counterclockwise, for the the polarization of light, and for setting out the phase modulation in the loop.

Signal processing is to convert the signal photoreception devices in digital form, followed by digital demodulation and integration.

Application of integrated optical phase modulator with sawtooth modulating voltage rate of change which is proportional to the angular speed of rotation makes the communication loop closed.


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