Development and production of integrated optical circuits on LiNbO3 and fiber optic sensors

Fiber Optical Solution” offers a wide range of integrated-optical elements manufactured using niobate crystals wafers “Fiber Optical Solution” as one of the world leaders in the field of developed technologies, which are based on the methods of high-temperature proton exchange, annealed proton exchange and reverse proton exchange.

Control of optical radiation by means of integrated electro-optic phase modulators and / or photorefractive Bragg gratings.


  • Annealing Proton Exchange.
  • High Temperature Proton Exchange (Soft Proton Exchange).
  • Dielectric and metal deposition: clean room class 1000 (200 square meters) equipped with e-beam and sputtering machines).
  • Photolithography: clean room class 100 (35 square meters) equipped with new Mask aligner (KARL SUSS MA6) and tracks (spin-coating and developing).
  • Fiber pigtailing.
  • Cutting, grinding and precise polishing.
  • Characterization of waveguides and devices.

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