Fiber Optical Solution’s fiber-optic strapdown inertial navigation systems (SINS) have complete solid-state design with no rotating or other moving parts. Because it has no moving parts, there is nothing to go out of alignment and therefore it never requires recalibrating and is totally maintenance free. They have very high reliability (MTBF) and no maintenance requirements during its service life.

NavFOS-5 NavFOS-6

Designed for autonomous navigation and guidance of aviation, land, marine and subsea vehicles, Fiber Optical Solution’s strapdown inertial navigation systems are compact, robust and maintenance-free, low-consumption units.

Performance For land and air navigation For land and air navigation
NavFOS-5 NavFOS-6
Alignment in static conditions Alignment in static conditions
Pure SINS performance

(inertial mode), accuracy:

§ position (1-hour error)

§ velocity

§ heading

§ pitch and roll



8 km

2 m/s





4 km

1 m/s





§ position accuracy

§ velocity accuracy



20 m

0.1 m/s



20 m

0.1 m/s

Initialization time 10 min (available options 15, 5 min) 10 min (available options 15, 5 min)
Gyro bias drift (1s)    £  0.04 °/h £  0.02 °/h
Accelerometer bias drift (1s)    £ 5×10-4g £ 1×10-4g
Interfaces RS-422 (MIL-STD-1553B option available) RS-422 (MIL-STD-1553B option available)
Power supply 27±5 V DC 27±5 V DC
Power consumption 15 W 22 W
Size,  mm 240×160×110 286×163×124
Weight 3.4 kg 4.8 kg
Operating ranges

§ angular rate

§ linear accelerations

§ vibration

§ temperature range


£ 400 °/s

Up to 10 g

Up to 2000 Hz

-30 °C  to +60 °C


£ 1000 °/s

Up to 10 g

Up to 2000 Hz

-30 °C  to +60 °C

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